The thickest book about graffiti ever made.
limited edition only.
What did this mean when Reaze wrote on trains in 1988? It referenced NYC 70s & 80s Subway Art vis-a-vis Cooper & Chalfant but the varying names that have been painted on Stockholm Berlin Paris trains in the 1990s have inched the meaning ever so slightly somewhere else. Rome London & Dortmund trains in the early 21st century with new identities painted by the same being creates its own meaning. References fall to the side as other beings don’t keep up. Names change to Dirt Help Rush, crews add and subtract, and different observers read more names Acid Chemo Wars & interpret in novel ways.

Buff, clean, erase but the photograph remains, an outline remains. Under Erasure an idea is never fully destroyed, but instead becomes part of the world of signs. Chemicals with strong odors are used & the smells conjure times, a former time, a present time, a future time. – NOV YORK

960 pages – Hardcover – Full Colour offset print
Almost 2 KG – 16×22 CM

only 180 copies available
Signed and numbered
83,- euro ex shipping
(Never a reprint, one hit, after that the printing files will be buffed)

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