Dutch Graffiti Library
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30 years of graffiti, registered and documented

Dutch Graffiti Library

The decision to name our collection and activities Dutch Graffiti Library goes back to 2014. We aspire for the future to put this collection at the service of education, museums and research, and to make it comprehensible to the public. It must serve as a modern library, both online and physical. The collection consists of an overview of more than 30 years of graffiti, recorded and documented in thousands of original mainly personally taken photographs, blackbooks with original sketches of many writers from everywhere, books, magazines, prints, silkscreens and posters.


Last september Berlin hosted the second instalment of the Unlock Book Fair, the international publishing fair dedicated to graffiti and street art. Dutch Graffiti Library was represented....

The Dutch Graffiti Library proudly presents a new collection high-light: the #0 custom made Atomic Baby Clone, alter-ego TOY of the original Gods Vicious Baby ANGEL GVB TBH CTK. 100% concept, created ...

‘Getting up’ is the basic principle of graffiti. No matter how good your style, it has to be ‘up’. Fame is the name, and walking the thin line between creation and destruction is the game ...

Amsterdam 1991. To put things in historical perspective here’s a little recap of the graffitiscene at that time. Compared to the peaktime days of the 80’s the action had quiet down considerably ...

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Dutch Graffiti Library is ‘Friend of Special Collections of the University of Amsterdam’. As ‘friend’ one has heart for the Special Collections of Amsterdam University. A friend can be researcher, collectioner, culturally interested in general, involved professional or supporter of a specific field of collecting.

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collections UVA

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Publication: Graffiti. New York meets the Dam – Amsterdam 2015. A 56 pages full colour publication made by the Dutch Graffiti Library in collaboration with Mick La Rock, published in private management in relation to the exhibition ‘Graffiti. New York meets the Dam’ in the Amsterdam Museum.
Graffiti. New York
meets the Dam

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IJM ’85 The story of Dutch Graffiti Library. In this publication we take you to the cradle and the origin of the Dutch Graffiti Library. Why? We believe that our mentality, pleasure and passion leads back to where we come from … IJmuiden mid ‘80s. This is the 1st edition in the series ‘Graffiti Heritage’. We pursues maintaining the graffiti culture and shedding light on the various aspects of this culture by a series of publication. Focus is on the less traditional subjects, towns and ‘writers’.

IJM '85 - The story of
Dutch Graffiti Library

1st edition in the series ‘Graffiti Heritage’

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Rockarchive Amsterdam was founded in 2004 as a photogallery with a growing collection of classic images of rock and jazz, taken by the world’s leading music photographers. The Rockarchive Collection contains the work of more than 50 renowned photographers from around the globe who contributed their finest images to the collection. Rockarchive Amsterdam retails also a selection of beautiful images of Amsterdam Graffiti in collaboration with Dutch Graffiti Library.


Collaboration with Dutch Graffiti Library

Limited edition only


The thickest book about graffiti ever made.

What did this mean when Reaze wrote on trains in 1988? It referenced NYC 70s & 80s Subway Art vis-a-vis Cooper & Chalfant but the varying names that have been painted on Stockholm Berlin Paris trains in the 1990s have inched the meaning ever so slightly somewhere else…

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We are always looking for material and expansion of the collection. If you have graffiti articles, magazines, sketches or books please contact us, together we can discuss the possibilities to exchange items or to take over. Do you have a question or would you like to cooperate please send a message